Belgian fighter jets intercept Russian bombers

31/03/2021, 10:45
F-16's van de Belgische luchtmacht tijdens een QRA

The Belgian air force planes took to the skies from the base at Florennes (Namur) in order to intercept the Russian Tupolev Tu-142s flying north of the Dutch coast and the Dutch Friesian islands of Terschelling and Ameland.

The two bombers were flying without a transponder, an electronic device that provides a response when it receives a radio frequency interrogation, and were approaching Dutch airspace. Later the Tupolevs set course for the United Kingdom allowing the Belgian F-16s to return to base around noon.

The Royal Air Force too intercepted the Russian aircraft.

This is only the second time that Belgian F-16s need to be scrambled to intercept Russian bombers. The first incident occurred in January 2018.

Source: VRT Nws (Colin Clapson)