Belgian army evaluates Jankel LTTV light truck for its Special Operations Regiment

8/10/2020, 12:00
Jankel JTTV
© G. Collet

In view of replacing Belgian army’s aging Unimog Jacams equipping its special operations forces, the Belgian Arsenal of Rocourt is evaluating the Prototype 0 of the British Jankel LTTV (Light Troop Transport Vehicle) that will be delivered in 199 units.

Jankel is already the manufacturer of another – lighter – vehicleused by the Belgian Special Operations Forces : the Fox RRV (Rapid Reaction Vehicle). So, this manufacturer is well acquaintrd with the Belgian army.

Following the 2015 contract to supply the Belgian Ministry of Defense with over 100 Fox Rapid Reaction Vehicles (RRV),  Jankel secured a second prestigious contract with the Belgian army to supply a new fleet of specialist tactical vehicles, under the LTTV Light Troop Transport Vehicles program. Jankel specialises in fully engineered solutions that utilise commercial-off-the-shelf base platforms and meet exact military customer requirements, standards and operational needs. The contract will see Jankel execute on this specialty by using the Mercedes Unimog U5000 platform but in civilian version, not the military one, thus unreinforced (probably a matter of cost).

The LTTV has been designed by Jankel’s team of engineers to provide a modular vehicle solution that will benefit from unique removable mission modules that enable the vehicle to be re-rolled for operational platform versatility. Alongside a fully integrated suite of military sub-systems that includes a removable ballistic protection kit, a Roll-Over-Protection-System (ROPS), weapon mounts and communications fit, the platform will provide full interoperability with the Fox RRV fleet.

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